2019 · 20 min


The film A State of Prohibition shows the story of women defying the Brazilian law to grow marijuana for the treatment of their chil...

A State of Prohibition

2018 · 14 min


Leonardo is a boy who doesn´t identify as such. In a conservative and prejudiced society, all he wishes to be is himself.


2018 · 24 min


Nothing nor anyone can escape the impacts of climate change. People from all corners of Brazil, our cities and forests, our economy,...

Tomorrow Has Come

2019 · 142 min

Fiction, Documentary

A dam holding toxic material breaks down in Brazil, destroying entire villages, contaminating water and killing people. It is the b...

The King's Friend

2020 · 59 min


There is a market where childhood may be traded in for anything of lesser value. Everybody knows about it, but it appears to be some...

A Crime Amongst Us

2020 · 103 min


As Emilio, a three year old boy with Down syndrome, is ready to start school, his family finds itself cornered in the United States’...

Forget Me Not