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Being a woman

A selection of movies about women, their experience and their rights, in different contexts:

Harassment, giving a birth, microcephaly, prison system, esportes, sports, profession, maternity, abortion, transexuality, homossexuality, education,  agroecology, empowerment, culture, linguistics, support networks and much more.

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2015 · 19 min


The Loneliness of Marcela, a 14-year-old girl who decides to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

Doll and silence

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2017 · 72 min


The documentary covers the daily life of four LGBT militants living on the outskirts of São Paulo. From the intimacy and social cont...

My Body is Political

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2017 · 30 min


In a rural village in the heart of Africa a teenage boy has a dream: to raise his younger sister and himself out of poverty. But whe...

Mercy's Blessing

Small caixa quem sao elas

2006 · 20 min


July, 2004. The Brazilian Supreme Court authorized pregnant women of anencephalic fetuses to interrupt the pregnancy. During four mo...

Four women

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2017 · 50 min


When girls winning a men's championship against big teams like Corinthians and São Paulo, is just the beginning. "The impossible ...

Girls Soccer

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2016 · 72 min


Jacqueline Rocha Côrtes is a Brazilian transexual woman who has been living with AIDS for the past 21 years. As a Human Rights activ...

My Name Is Jacque

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Small weaving freedom

2017 · 6 min


Inside a prison unit in Brazil, Carmen Botelho, the unit director, creates a new way to think the time behind the bars by empowering...

Weaving Freedom

Small caixa margem   atualizada

2006 · 43 min


The events protrayed in this DVD took place in a small town between 1996 and 1998. Deuseli was 19 years-old when she was brutally ra...

A Disembodied Woman

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2016 · 80 min


"Faces of harassment" is an experiment in storytelling about trauma. Before #MeToo in the United States, there was #MyFirstHarassmen...

Faces of harassment

Small capa severina

2005 · 23 min


Severina had her destiny changed by a Supreme Court decision. Four months pregnant with an anencephalic fetus, she was in the hospit...

Severina's Story