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Formas de Educar

by Énois e VIDEOCAMP

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2018 · 89 min


School Circles is an independent documentary that explores the practice of democratic schools in the Netherlands. The film shows stu...

School Circles

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2017 · 84 min


The challenges of the present, expectations for the future, and the dreams of those who experience the reality of public high school...

Not Even In a Wildest Dream

Small territoriar

2016 · 30 min


The Territorial Documentary: Educational Environments Inspire New Learning brings to the table reflections about the quality and p...

Territoriar - Educational Environmen...

Small brincadique

2017 · 41 min


The series "Brincadiquê? For the Right to Play" reveals the importance of playing for the integral development of childhood and the ...

Brincadiquê? For the Right to Play

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Small a film about doomed love  2

Small cartaz waapaen

2017 · 20 min


The documentary offers a unique glimpse at the way the Yudja people raise their children in the Xingu Indigenous Park, Brasil. Play...


Small cartaz the forbidden education

2012 · 145 min


The Forbidden Education has become an unique phenomenon that has travelled to eight countries and documented 45 non-conventional edu...

Forbidden Education

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Small capapapapapaa

Small cartaz povo dourado ingle%cc%82s

2015 · 63 min


A Tupi Guarani's myth of the creation of the world. A conductor of an orchestra of young Germans. A musical gathering, social, cultu...

The Golden People are All of Us

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2014 · 78 min


La obra reúne testimonios de padres, estudiantes, educadores y profesionales de varias áreas sobre la necesidad de cambios en el sis...

When I feel that i do know

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Small cartazes

2009 · 12 min


Luzia mora no campo com seus pais e o irmão, Pedro. Quando Pedro começa a ir à escola, Luzia quer acompanhá-lo, mas é impedida pelo ...


Small en small

2017 · 30 min


In a rural village in the heart of Africa a teenage boy has a dream: to raise his younger sister and himself out of poverty. But whe...

Mercy's Blessing

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2017 · 132 min


A movie within a research. But also the reverse. Held back but ..., the latest documentary produced by the Youth Observatory of Rio ...

Held Back But…

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Small uma escola entre redes sociais cartaz ingles

2013 · 23 min


This Documentary aims at understanding the use of social networks by teachers and students of public high school in the city of Ri...

A school among social networks

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Small cartaz pro dia nascer feliz

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Small cora%c3%a7%c3%b5es e mentes eng

2018 · 26 min


A world of changemaking people is based on the assumption that empathy is the core of every relationship. And it is in the school th...

EP. 1 - Hearts and Minds: The Univers...

Small cora%c3%a7%c3%b5es e mentes eng

2018 · 26 min


Teamwork is believed to be an innovative and creative skill used to solve conflicts and reach shared results. To be able to lead co...

EP. 2 - Hearts and Minds: You, I, and...

Small cora%c3%a7%c3%b5es e mentes eng

2018 · 26 min


How have schools been enhancing self and group origination processes of each student, educator and family? Creativity is a skill th...

EP. 3 - Hearts and Minds: Our Daily I...

Small cora%c3%a7%c3%b5es e mentes eng

2018 · 26 min


To encourage leadership in formal education is to nurture the transforming will every student, manager and family has. The result s...

EP. 4: - Hearts and Minds: Their Voi...