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Disabilities, difference and abilities

by Estefania Lima and Videocamp

"Tolerance is not a favor, but one of basic qualities to exercise a democratic life. Real tolerance is not a one-way action. It is, before everything, a process of teaching and learning from what is not in me, what is the different."

- Estefania Lima, master in Medical Cience at University of São Paulo.

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2015 · 25 min


The experience of a blind man who is a filmmaker. The couple with visual impairment who does not see any impediment to stop attendin...


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2014 · 26 min


The story of Renata Basso, a student from Rio Grande do Sul with Down syndrome who just finished high-school, is the narrative threa...

A New Perspective (Renata Basso)

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2017 · 15 min


“Luiza” deals with the delicate relationship between a girl with disabilities and the universe that surrounds her, having the sexual...


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2015 · 17 min


With simplicity: a movie with and about kids. What matters is the relationship between the crew and those who are filmed, putting th...

If This Movie Were Mine