Small cartaz waapaen

2017 · 20 min


The documentary offers a unique glimpse at the way the Yudja people raise their children in the Xingu Indigenous Park, Brasil. Play...


Small cartaz sacred

2017 · 52 min


The documentary portrays the way children participate in 12 folk celebrations from 4 Brazilian states. A variety of interviews refle...

Sacred Play

Small resistencia poster 01

2017 · 55 min


Brazil: Between May and August 2016, the legislature voted to oust the first woman elected president in the county, Dilma Rousseff. ...


Small cartaz yorimata%cc%83 alta

2016 · 116 min


In the 1970s, two women in the hippie movement gather for their dream of freedom. Luhli and Lucina live in an alternative community ...


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2018 · 23 min


As in the rest of Brazil, also among the indigenous group Guarani Kaiowá the evangelical church have been gaining ground. The mini-d...

Monoculture of faith

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