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2016 · 79 min


The film follows the research of historian Sidney Aguilar, beginning with the discovery of bricks marked with Nazi swastikas on a fa...

Boy 23 - The Forgotten Boy of Brazil

Small cartaz nmsv2

2017 · 84 min


The challenges of the present, expectations for the future, and the dreams of those who experience the reality of public high school...

Not Even In a Wildest Dream

Small cartaz sempena mattos filho

2014 · 87 min


No other prison population rises at the Brazilian rate, and it already is the fourth largest in the world. Sentence on trial goes de...

Sentence on Trial

Small capa habeas

2005 · 20 min


The documentary is about Tatielle’s suffering, a young woman from Morrinhos, a town in Goiás state’s rural area. She was five months...

Habeas Corpus

Small cartaz a casa dos mortos

2009 · 24 min


Bubu is a poet who has been committed to state institutions for the insane. He challenges the meaning of hospital-jails, hybrid inst...

The House of the Dead

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