Small thumb meucorpo cartaz

2017 · 72 min


The documentary covers the daily life of four LGBT militants living on the outskirts of São Paulo. From the intimacy and social cont...

My Body is Political

Small cartaz yorimata%cc%83 alta

2016 · 116 min


In the 1970s, two women in the hippie movement gather for their dream of freedom. Luhli and Lucina live in an alternative community ...


Small werk it  bro

2016 · 15 min


"Arrasa, manx" is a portrait of the LGBT youth from the outskirts of São Paulo, made through two 19-year-old characters: Edy, nurs...

Werk it, bro

Small luizaweb

2017 · 15 min


“Luiza” deals with the delicate relationship between a girl with disabilities and the universe that surrounds her, having the sexual...


Small cartaz vc youmeandhim

2007 · 18 min


Danilo (Daniel Tavares) is about to move out of his parents' house to go live with his boyfriend, Marcos (Diego Torraca), when his p...

You, Me and Him

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