Small poster welcome to canada fin

2016 · 19 min


This short film tells the story of Mohammed Alsaleh, a young Syrian refugee granted asylum in Canada in 2014. After fleeing torture ...

Welcome to Canada

Small poster

2016 · 17 min


Three friends who live in a ghetto, recorded a fake video about a murdering of one of them in order to impress their friends. This v...


Small mountains  1

2015 · 6 min


The peripheries of São Paulo are full of young people with shattered dreams. The difficulties that the system imposes , end up causi...

Youth's Revolution

Small screen shot 2019 08 16 at 2.32.20 pm

2018 · 89 min


Blind March is a documentary that portraits violent actions of repression from military policemen as an answer to those popular mani...

Blind March

Small soldados do araguaia cartaz final en

2017 · 74 min


Araguaia Soldiers is a documentary that aims to give voice to the memories and traumas of low-ranking Brazilian Army recruits who fo...

Araguaia Soldiers

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