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2016 · 79 min


The film follows the research of historian Sidney Aguilar, beginning with the discovery of bricks marked with Nazi swastikas on a fa...

Boy 23 - The Forgotten Boy of Brazil

Small mountains  1

2015 · 6 min


The peripheries of São Paulo are full of young people with shattered dreams. The difficulties that the system imposes , end up causi...

Youth's Revolution

Small cartaz caminhos do coco

2016 · 91 min


Caminhos do Coco is a documentary feature that follows the paths this popular cultural rhythm called Coco has taken through six stat...

Caminhos do Coco

Small cartaz eng

2019 · 20 min


The film A State of Prohibition shows the story of women defying the Brazilian law to grow marijuana for the treatment of their chil...

A State of Prohibition

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2017 · 87 min


Severina, a girl living in a narrow alley in a favela in Recife, sees something completely different from the slums people see in mo...

The Princess in the Alleyway

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