Selo ecofalante Small cartaz comlouro en

2018 · 93 min


40 million yeas in a movie. This documentary is a campaign in defense of the Brazilian Savanna that suffers from deforestation reco...

Old Lord Savanna

Small cartaz loba en

2016 · 58 min


The feature film "Not only mermaids or fauns" is a documentary that speaks of nature but from different perspectives. It seeks solut...

Not only mermaids or fauns

Small a cheia levou ing

2017 · 10 min


2014 was the year of the biggest flood of the Madeira River in Porto Velho (RO). The water level reached 19.69 meters, surpassing by...

GONE WITH THE FLOOD: The abandoned o...

Small um rio em disputa   ing

2015 · 22 min


About to lose their lands to one more hydroelectric powerplant strategic to Brazilian federal government, Tapajós river communities,...

A river in dispute

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2015 · 14 min


Little Bruno's life is turned upside down when his "Bá" (from “Bāchan”, grandma in Japanese) is brought to live in his house.

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