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2017 · 30 min


In a rural village in the heart of Africa a teenage boy has a dream: to raise his younger sister and himself out of poverty. But whe...

Mercy's Blessing

Small poster

2016 · 17 min


Three friends who live in a ghetto, recorded a fake video about a murdering of one of them in order to impress their friends. This v...


Small movie poster eng

2017 · 87 min


Severina, a girl living in a narrow alley in a favela in Recife, sees something completely different from the slums people see in mo...

The Princess in the Alleyway

Small cartazdora4 eng

2017 · 21 min

Fiction, Documentary

How many stories are hidden in the silence of a political disappearance? In Brazil, hundreds or thousands of people died or never re...

1964: epilogues

Small cartaz the enemy final copy

2018 · 20 min


Vânia was 12 years old, she lived happily and was like any child: she watched TV, played and studied. When her father leaves the hou...


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