André D'Elia presents:

Old Lord Savanna

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2018 • 93min
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40 million yeas in a movie. This documentary is a campaign in defense of the Brazilian Savanna that suffers from deforestation record, taking an entire ecosystem to extinction. Concerned, some residents of the Chapada dos Veadeiros decide to u... View more

Produced by Cinedelia

Directed by André D’Elia

Category Documentary

Supporters Fundação Mais Cerrado,O2 Filmes,Estúdios Quanta,Taiua Ambiental

Presented by Fundação Mais Serrado


4.9 rating


8.17 K audience

8.17 K total aud.

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Bom Jesus, | Praça do Fórum

Praça Marco Aurélio (Praça do Fórum), Centro


19h00 Bom Jesus, Piauí | Praça do Fórum Praça Marco Aurélio (Praça do Fórum), Centro
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