Mira Filmes presents:

Faces of harassment

14 years
2016 • 80min
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"Faces of harassment" is an experiment in storytelling about trauma. Before #MeToo in the United States, there was #MyFirstHarassment, a hashtag which swept across Brazil in 2015. It showed not only the widespread experience of sexual hassament... View more

Produced by Mira Filmes

Directed by Paula Sacchetta

Category Documentary

Theme (title) Human Rights, Gender issues

Supporters Grupo Gamaro, Fundação Brasil 2000, Confraria de Sons e Charutos, Secretaria de Políticas para as Mulheres da Prefeitura de São Paulo, SPcine

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4.8 rating


4.05 K audience

4.05 K total aud.

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Bragança Paulista, | Edith Garagem

Rua Cel. João Leme, 229 - Centro


19h30 Bragança Paulista, São Paulo | Edith Garagem Rua Cel. João Leme, 229 - Centro
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