Bruno Graziano presents:

Acre: This Lands Exists

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2013 • 115min
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Four lads born and raised in São Paulo set off to Amazon-based state of Acre. The movie brings up a contemporary picture of the local “acreano” people and its culture. As a classic road movie, it steps in a journey that wraps up genuine charact... View more

Produced by Controle Remoto Filmes

Directed by Bruno Graziano, Raoni Gruber, Paulo Junior, Milton Leal

Category Documentary

Supporters Secretaria de Turismo do Estado do Acre, Jangada Cultural, Capitão Monga Studio, Estúdio 1+2, Estúdio Teremim e Sesé

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Coproduction Jangada Cultural

4.5 rating


5 audience

84 K total aud.

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