Not only mermaids or fauns

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2016 • 58min
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The feature film "Not only mermaids or fauns" is a documentary that speaks of nature but from different perspectives. It seeks solutions to current issues through feminism, indigenous traditions and environmental activism. The personal narrative to talk politics and spirituality through nature, comes through a look that brings great reflections, and much beauty. A film that certainly interests the forefront festivals in search of productions that come out of the commonplace.

Produced by Ana Paula Málaga, Rafael Urban, Sara Bonfim

Directed by Sara Bonfim

Category Documentary

Theme (title) Environment, Politics, Children and Nature

5 rating


555 audience

555 total aud.




Curitiba, | Bicicletaria Cultural

Rua Presidente Faria, 226


19h30 Curitiba, Paraná | Bicicletaria Cultural Rua Presidente Faria, 226
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