Documenta filmes presents:

My Name Is Jacque

12 years
2016 • 72min
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Jacqueline Rocha Côrtes is a Brazilian transexual woman who has been living with AIDS for the past 21 years. As a Human Rights activist and a militant for HIV-positive people, Jacque has had her life marked by struggles and achievements, includ... View more

Produced by Documenta filmes

Directed by Angela Zoé

Category Documentary

Theme (title) Gender issues, Sexuality

Supporters Sistema Firjan, Ancine, UNAIDS, ONU MULHERES, Ministério da Saúde, Governo do Brasil

Presented by

Coproduction Globo Filmes e Globo News

4.5 rating


934 audience

934 total aud.

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Aracaju, | Centro Cultural de Aracaju

Praça General Valadão, 134 - Centro


14h00 Aracaju, Sergipe | Centro Cultural de Aracaju Praça General Valadão, 134 - Centro
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The film's producer are the responsable for this schedule.


“Jacqueline Rocha Cortês não é uma celebridade, nem possui uma história necessariamente excepcional. O interesse no retrato desta mulher transexual e portadora do vírus HIV encontra-se no naturalismo da apresentação: a diretora Angela Zoé busca a identificação do espectador, algo notável num projeto sobre as minorias.”

by Bruno Carmelo

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