May Taherzadeh presents:

Mercy's Blessing

General Audience
2017 • 30min
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In a rural village in the heart of Africa a teenage boy has a dream: to raise his younger sister and himself out of poverty. But when a twist of fate shatters his hopes, everything seems lost and he is faced with the ultimate choice. View more

Produced by May Taherzadeh

Directed by May Taherzadeh

Category Fiction

Supporters UNICEF, EU, UNFPA, Film Association of Malawi (FAMA)

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4.7 rating


16.1 K audience

16.1 K total aud.

Total audience

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Is there always a choice?

Two siblings. One reality. Few options... Nevertheless, a fraternal love in an african community motivated new point of views regarding cycles and cultural paradigms.

Experience the prizewinning short-film conquering the world! This can be the opportunity to discuss in schools, youth groups, common realities in various nations.  

"Nobody is where they are only because of themselves. We are all here because of the sacrifices of somebody else." May Taherzadeh





Corumbá, | Sesc Corumbá

Rua 13 de junho, 1703


Currais Novos, | UFRN

UFRN - CERES - Currais Novos - Sala de multimeios


19h00 Corumbá, Mato Grosso do Sul | Sesc Corumbá Rua 13 de junho, 1703
See details


14h15 Currais Novos, Rio Grande do Norte | UFRN UFRN - CERES - Currais Novos - Sala de multimeios
See details

The film's producer are the responsable for this schedule.

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Facilitator's Guide "Mercy's Blessing"

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“Mercy's a moving and profound exploration of the connection between love and sacrifice in the midst of social injustice.”



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