Giros Projetos Audiovisuais Ltda. presents:

Boy 23 - The Forgotten Boy of Brazil

10 years
2016 • 79min
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The film follows the research of historian Sidney Aguilar, beginning with the discovery of bricks marked with Nazi swastikas on a farm in the countryside of São Paulo. It reveals something really frightening: during the 1930's, fifty black boys... View more

Produced by Giros

Directed by Belisario Franca

Category Documentary


Presented by BNDES

Coproduction Globo Filmes e Globo News, Canal Brasil

4.8 rating


5.14 K audience

29.1 K total aud.

Total audience

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Teresina, | Colégio Copérnico

Dirceu I


09h45 Teresina, Piauí | Colégio Copérnico Dirceu I
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The film's producer are the responsable for this schedule.


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