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1964: epilogues

14 years
2017 • 21min
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How many stories are hidden in the silence of a political disappearance? In Brazil, hundreds or thousands of people died or never returned to their homes, victims of the military dictatorship initiated in 1964. The statistics are not precise. Voices forced to silence - families and friends waiting for a return that never happened. The proposal of "1964: Epilogs" is to give a stage to these stories and allow political militants to come back and complete their biographies. For this, four young actors were invited to learn about disappearance narratives and play them more than 50 years later. A free scenic game is constructed, in which the screenplay is mixed with the vision added by each actor about the military government and political repression in Brazil.

Produced by Nicoli Tassis Amanda Câmara Roberta Santos

Directed by Marcella Rocha

Category Fiction, Documentary


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