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Small poster crian a en

2016 · 97 min


One of the greatest neuroscience breakthroughs is having discovered that babies are far more than a genetic load. The development of...

The Beginning of Life

Small cora%c3%a7%c3%b5es e mentes eng

2018 · 26 min


A world of changemaking people is based on the assumption that empathy is the core of every relationship. And it is in the school th...

EP. 1 - Hearts and Minds: The Univers...

Selo ecofalante Small cartaz ingles grazing

2018 · 49 min


There are 85 million cows in the Brazilian Amazon, which means three cows for each human dweller grazing today and area that was onc...

Grazing the Amazon

Small soldados do araguaia cartaz final en

2017 · 74 min


Araguaia Soldiers is a documentary that aims to give voice to the memories and traumas of low-ranking Brazilian Army recruits who fo...

Araguaia Soldiers

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2018 · 100 min


It is time for the student government elections. High school students get ready for the electoral race. Four groups with different v...