Founded in the year 2000, Pindorama is a communication company specialized in the creation and production of audiovisual content, covering the TV / Cinema / Music / Internet. With more than a decade of experience in open TV, Pindorama has achieved recognition through the quality and repercussion of it's projects. Focus on content as entertainment is the main characteristic of Pindorama, we believe that people can be happier celebrating diversity, in a world where market and socio-environmental responsibility, work and entertainment, real and fiction, preservation and transformation, walk together. We are proud to be the first Brazilian audiovisual company to neutralize the carbon of all activities. Since 2007 we have already planted more than 30,000 trees in the Paraíba Valley, between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.


2017 · 58 min


Facing the global epidemic of obesity, the documentary 'Fonte da Juventude' dives in the Brazilian food environment and proposes a d...