Maria Farinha Filmes

Maria Farinha Filmes

We believe that a well-told story can make a difference in how people see the world. Whether with fiction, documentaries, series and other media, Maria Farinha Filmes exists to tell lifechanging and inspiring stories to promote transformation. Based on this model, in 2013, Maria Farinha Filmes became the first production and distribution company in Latin America to receive the international BCorporation certification, offered to companies that use their business power to create solutions for the world’s social and environmental issues.


4.4 Rating
Small territory of play menor
4.3 Rating
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Drops of Joy

2014 · 79 min
4.8 Rating
Small lay sarahaui final ingl
4.9 Rating
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4.2 Rating
Small target 788x1024
4.3 Rating
Small capa np
4.7 Rating
Small poster crian a en
4.8 Rating
Small cartaz the forbidden education
4 Rating
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5 Rating
Small cartaz sacred

Sacred Play

2017 · 52 min
4.6 Rating
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2017 · 20 min
4.5 Rating
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