Magda Rimolo is a marketing and advertising professional and she worked for more than 18 years in corporate communication in global companies. Since 2012, she began to reconcile her executive career with independent audiovisual productions. In 2017, she decided to leave her career in marketing and communication to be dedicated full time in video production using the storytelling language in her films. She has worked executive production in independented short films, being responsable for the budget management, marketing and communication strategies. She also has worked in producing videos for cultural segments, corporate and social media. She is a producer, director of photography and art, and editor of Duda Rangel's YouTube Channel, which exceeds 100,000 views. In 2018, Magda has released her first and totally independent short-filme the documentary, THE VALUE OF A LIFE: through the work of the NGO ABEAC, which houses more than 1,000 dogs that were abandoned or subjected to maltreatment, the documentary creates a parallel between the work of its volunteers, through the mission for looking for responsible adopters, and the constant abandonment, raising questions about prejudice and human neglect. The short-film was one of the official selected to attend the ""LAMPA - International Film Festival 2018", in Perm, Russia.


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2018 · 20 min


The documentary raises questions about human prejudice and its neglect in comparation to society's treatment of animals. The film cr...