Small capa severina

2005 · 23 min


Severina had her destiny changed by a Supreme Court decision. Four months pregnant with an anencephalic fetus, she was in the hospit...

Severina's Story

Small cartaz a casa dos mortos

2009 · 24 min


Bubu is a poet who has been committed to state institutions for the insane. He challenges the meaning of hospital-jails, hybrid inst...

The House of the Dead

Small caixa solitario

2007 · 18 min


An elderly man lying on the grass waiting to die. In his pocket, a message announced that he was from a distant land. He had no docu...

Alone and Anonymous

Small capa habeas

2005 · 20 min


The documentary is about Tatielle’s suffering, a young woman from Morrinhos, a town in Goiás state’s rural area. She was five months...

Habeas Corpus

Small caixa margem   atualizada

2006 · 43 min


The events protrayed in this DVD took place in a small town between 1996 and 1998. Deuseli was 19 years-old when she was brutally ra...

A Disembodied Woman

Small caixa quem sao elas

2006 · 20 min


July, 2004. The Brazilian Supreme Court authorized pregnant women of anencephalic fetuses to interrupt the pregnancy. During four mo...

Four women