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2016 · 79 min


The film follows the research of historian Sidney Aguilar, beginning with the discovery of bricks marked with Nazi swastikas on a fa...

Boy 23 - The Forgotten Boy of Brazil

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2012 · 79 min


The film Eternal Amazon exposes great misconceptions and points out possible ways for humanity to see the largest rainforest in the ...

Eternal Amazon

Small cartaz estrat%c3%a9gia xavante

2006 · 86 min


A documentary on the strategy developed by the Xavante people in an attempt to preserve their territory and maintain their tradition...

Xavante Strategy

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2017 · 74 min


Araguaia Soldiers is a documentary that aims to give voice to the memories and traumas of low-ranking Brazilian Army recruits who fo...

Araguaia Soldiers