FLOW is a distribution company specialized in cultural and impactful projects. We are part of Alana, one of the largest non-governmental organizations in Latin America. Based on our experience distributing the films produced by Maria Farinha Filmes in Brazil and around the world, we have develop collaborative strategies that expand the impact of inspiring narratives. We work in a democratic, accessible and global manner, aligned with the United Nation's Global Goals.


2019 · 53 min


What if food waste could be gourmet meals feeding socially vulnerable people? Visionary chefs Massimo Bottura and David Hertz bring ...

Table for All

2020 · 59 min


There is a market where childhood may be traded in for anything of lesser value. Everybody knows about it, but it appears to be some...

A Crime Amongst Us

2020 · 92 min


Genuine connections between children and nature can revolutionize our future. But is this discovery still possible in the world's ma...

The Beginning of Life 2: Outside