Bem-te-vi (from the bird Great Kiskadee) is a name for a gracious and humorous bird who shows a yellow chest flying in the sky proclaiming optimism and truth. Lara and Patrick are the duo behind Bem-te-vi Producoes, a nomad independent film company, making projects focusing in content that matters and can bring inspiration to human beings. The duo seeks harmonious combination of audio, video and art , with a keen and creative look, contemplating various views. To travel is the way the duo found to expand the knowledge of the human been and your space, being able to produce multi-cultural content that can reach further, connecting people as one.


2013 · 7 min


Freddy Candia is a very helpful man. Low height and great speaker, he’s the master of improvisation, be it on civil construction, me...

Profile Project - Freddy Candia

2014 · 3 min


It's becoming more intense and disturbing the tensions between Israel and Palestine. A government generator of a large genocide plag...

Together For Peace