Founded in 2011 by women reporters, Pública is the first nonprofit investigative journalism agency in Brazil. Our articles, in-depth investigations into topics chosen by the public, were republished with creative commons permissions by over 700 news agencies just last year. All of our reporting is grounded in rigorous fact checking and carries as its underlying principle the uncompromising defense of human rights. We investigate public administration, which includes all levels of government and congressional houses; the social and environmental impact of corporations and their corruption and anti-transparency practices; the justice system in terms of its efficacy, transparency, and equity; and the violence against vulnerable populations in urban and rural areas. With the goal of fostering independent journalism, we also provide mentorship programs for journalists, award reporting micro-grants, lead discussions and events about journalism and support innovate projects.


Small na%cc%83oreparacapaingles

2017 · 18 min


The short film investigates four faces of the housing deficit in the city of São Paulo from people living on the streets, in occupat...

Don't Mind the Mess

Small crackland

2016 · 15 min


A dive in the universe of “Crackland”, in São Paulo from the "With Open Arms" program. “Crackland” is a street in the center of t...


Small werk it  bro

2016 · 15 min


"Arrasa, manx" is a portrait of the LGBT youth from the outskirts of São Paulo, made through two 19-year-old characters: Edy, nurs...

Werk it, bro

Small children of warriors

2018 · 22 min


Produced through the project "Amazonia Resiste", from Agência Pública, (, the film portrays the reality of Kayapó youth...


Small the dream of e%cc%81der

2018 · 14 min


Filmed in the state of Mato Grosso, tells the story of Eder Aponodepá, a young management student at the Federal University of Mato ...

The dream of Éder