Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an NGO and I have a movie that I want to register on Videocamp. Can I do that?

Your NGO is very welcome here on Videocamp! If you have a movie that has a cause that your institution stands for or any other socially relevant topic, register it on our platform. This way, more people will be able to give voice to your message through public and free screenings. In addition, you also gain access to our catalog of films, so you can organize a public screening of any work on our platform. As a reminder, we do not accept institutional films that promote public or private entities.

I am a producer of audiovisual works and I want to be part of Videocamp. What can I do on the platform?

You're most welcome here at Videocamp! It is worth saying that to submit a work you must own the copyrights. You can register at any time, but to have a public profile on Videocamp, you must also submit a work with a central theme that has social relevance. Fiction and documentary are all welcome. They must be at least 6-minute long. Videocamp has several tools that will allow your work to gain scale through public and free screenings. All information related to the screenings via Videocamp will be registered and will be accessible to you on your profile and will be part of the trajectory of your movie.

I am an educator and I want to register at Videocamp. What can I do on the platform?

Welcome! We hope that Videocamp can facilitate and popularize film screening in educational settings. Here educator is king: in addition to finding films (fiction, documentary and animation) on many subjects, we also prepared a section called Lesson Plans (you can access it through a button available in the yellow submenu, right above, once you are registered as educator) where you will find a toolkit that brings suggestions of plays, activities and thoughts for children, young people and professionals.

I’m a company and want to take part in Videocamp What can I do on the platform?

Your company is welcome here at Videocamp! Here you can become an exhibitor and have access to our full catalog of films and documentaries to organize relevant screenings with your partners or in your community. Why don’t you go ahead and pick your first video?