Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register any film on VIDEOCAMP?

No. Our platform is only for videos with socially relevant themes. Your film must cover a cause or discuss an important issue. The format doesn’t matter, it can be documentary, fiction, feature film, short or animation. If this applies to your project, make sure to register it. Your video will go through our team’s curatorship, and after it is approved it will be just one click away from people who want to do good!


What happens when my film is part of a public screening?

Besides broadening your audience, we connect you with a select public of people who are very interested in doing good. We do this by counting the attendance at the event and by sharing the exhibitor’s mailing with you every time someone selects your film for a public screening. There’s nothing better than strengthening relationships and keeping in touch with those who have the same interests as you!

Besides promoting public screenings, can VIDEOCAMP help my film in any other way?

Yes! We’ll use our social networks and database to boost your film’s publicity, even if it can’t be used for public screenings due to restrictions. Our platform will inform all the platforms that your video is available, showing how the audience can find it.


How can I increase the level of engagement with the issue presented in my film?

VIDEOCAMP includes an area for social mobilization. In this space you can share links for dissemination and donations, supporting materials, and other information that can help publicize your cause.