Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register any film on Videocamp?

No. Our platform is only for videos with socially relevant themes. Your film must cover a cause or discuss an important issue. The format doesn’t matter, it can be documentary, fiction, feature film, short or animation. If this applies to your project, make sure to register it. Your video will go through our team’s curatorship, and after it is approved it will be just one click away from people who want to do good!

What happens when my movie is screened in a public session via Videocamp?

Each time someone chooses your movie for a free public screening, the platform manages the entire process with the organizer: it automatically generates and makes material available for dissemination, makes the movie file (with password) available, and produces a report for the screening. Each director has access, through their profile, to the information about the screenings of their work: name and e-mail of the organizer, country, state and city of the screening, audience and also the information on the report that the organizer provides after the screening (audience confirmation, photo and testimonial). The director has access to a tool that records the film's trajectory for free.

In addition to promoting public screenings, can Videocamp help my movie in other ways?

Videocamp is a tool, not a service. But our mission is to democratize access to culture and information. That's why we use our social network and database to promote the dissemination of all movies in the catalog. It is worth noting that when you register your movie for public and free screenings via Videocamp, you can also mention all other platforms where your movie is available.