Frequently Asked Questions

What is Videocamp?

Videocamp is an online platform that brings together movies with potential impact that can be viewed by anyone, anywhere in the world and free of charge. To watch one of the movies, just gather 5 people (we believe in collective watching), choose a place (your school, your house or a public square, for example), and choose a screen (TV, projector, white wall or even a computer).

Who can use the platform?

Anyone who believes in cinema as a transformation tool is welcome! If you are an educator, community leader or representative of a public or private institution or just someone who believes in the power of cinema, join this initiative, choose a film, organize a free session and become a Videocamp Mobilizer. If you are a producer, distributor or director, you can use Videocamp as a tool of your distribution campaign.

How do I start using the platform?

To schedule a movie session for free, you have to register on the platform. There are two steps:
1. Click on the “First access” button, at the top of the page, on the right side.
2. Choose the type of profile that suits you best.
Registration can be done using your email or Facebook profile.

IMPORTANT: You will receive a confirmation email and the registration will only be validated after this confirmation. Don't forget, okay?

I’m interested in organizing a public screening. What do I have to do?

We love meeting new people that want to spread goodness around! Videocamp is a platform that will make organizing public screenings easier. To become an exhibitor, all you have to do is sign up as an educator, NGO or company. Then, just browse through the registered films and check that the one you choose is available for public screenings. Make your request by clicking on “Organize my screening” and fill out the form. It’s so easy! Afterwards, you just have to tell us how many people attended the screening, and send a photo and a brief report on how your event went.