Frequently Asked Questions


VIDEOCAMP is a platform created to gather films that provoke, move and, above all, connect and inspire people. This is the meeting place for committed people and interesting films. Together, and with the help of our tools, they are capable of moving society in favor of relevant issues.



Who can use the platform?

Anyone who believes in cinema as a tool for transformation is welcome here! If you are a producer, distributor or director, you can use VIDEOCAMP to share and publicize your film. If you are an educator, leader of a movement or representative of a public or private organization that wants to set up a public screening, come in, make yourself at home, and choose your film. Now, if you are a viewer in search of an interesting film to watch, take advantage of our film selection available online – or better yet: become an exhibitor, all you have to do is organize a public screening for five or more people!


How can I start using the platform?

There are four types of accounts to help you have a better experience on VIDEOCAMP. It’s very simple! Just tell us if you are a producer, an educator, an NGO or a company. You can connect using your e-mail or with Facebook. Click here and sign up.


What do I have to do to register a film on VIDEOCAMP?

Yay! We’re so happy to know you’re interested. It’s simple: if you are the copyright holder of a film, you can make it available on our platform. To do this, you will need to register as a producer or NGO. Remember that for your film to become a part of our catalog, it must present a cause or have a relevant theme, capable of inspiring and moving society. Ready?

To submit a film, click here.

I’m interested in organizing a public screening. What do I have to do?

We love meeting new people that want to spread goodness around! VIDEOCAMP is a platform that will make organizing public screenings easier. To become an exhibitor, all you have to do is sign up as an educator, NGO or company. Then, just browse through the registered films and check that the one you choose is available for public screenings. Make your request by clicking on “Organize my screening” and fill out the form. It’s so easy! Afterwards, you just have to tell us how many people attended the screening, and send a photo and a brief report on how your event went.


Is it possible to access VIDEOCAMP’s film catalog without setting up a public screening?

Anyone can browse the film catalog on VIDEOCAMP, but some videos are only available for public screenings. Why don’t you get excited and organize a screening in your neighborhood, school or college? You’ll be impressed by how good it feels to do good! Otherwise, you will only be able to watch the films that are already available on the internet.