VIDEOCAMP is a free online platform that enables film productions that seek social impact and transformation to reach as many people as possible.

Videocamp is a platform that gathers social impact films, making them available for free public screenings - all it takes is to bring together five (or more) people. And what do we understand by 'social impact films'? Those pointing out to urgent causes, portraying situations that need to be highlighted, expanding our vision on sensitive matters and that, above all, promote a fairer, more sustainable, supportive and plural world.

And why free? Because we want this content to reach more people. What moves us is the possibility of democratizing access to culture and information. More than half of our exhibitors see themselves as educators. They are using Videocamp films to promote wonderful reflections inside the classroom. Can you think of a more noble way to use it?

But... doesn't the producer deserve to be rewarded for his work? Well, of course! And we intend to help the director with this task! When a film creates a more democratic distribution strategy from its launching, Videocamp becomes one of its promotion tools! It helps to activate networks, it mobilizes, it makes everyone find out about the film. Good, right? Specially because we know the (usually tiny) size of marketing budgets for these kind of productions!

So, in short: we connect transformational movies to incredible spectators, calling attention to socially relevant issues by highlighting worthy causes and stories that deserve to be told. Yay! Do you want to know how many times this has happened? Here are the numbers: over 30.000 exhibitions in more than 110 countries, for an audience of more than 900.000 people!! When it gets to a million it deserves a party, right? :)

Oh, and since 2017 we also foster audiovisual production through film funds. Click here to find out more about what's going on.

We know that one film cannot change the world, but it changes people.
And people are the ones who change the world.

Let's do it together?
Videocamp Team


We democratize access to culture and information

We are always looking for movies that aim for impact and transformation, asserting all the CULTURAL RIGHTS *, an integral part of the human rights, which are universal, inseparable and interdependent.


We engage our community

At the same time, we are connected to the Videocamp Multiplier Network, a group of people working actively to screen those films to the greatest possible number of people, bringing culture and information to the most distant places of the globe. On top of that, we have strong communication channels; we are connected to collectives, movements and civil society organizations; we have access to public and private schools; we occupy alternative screening spaces; and we are present at debates and premieres.


We share tools and ideas

When the producer provides access to a piece of work via Videocamp, he or she comprehends the importance of public screening as a tool to promote the film. First of all, that step means being aligned with the belief that cinema transforms, encourages debate and brings up social relevant questions. That is why it needs to reach the greatest number of people. The tool enables producers to share support material and information that will help to strengthen the debate around the work's subject matter.


We show results. In real time, with no loopholes

What happens in Videocamp does not stay in Videocamp. Producers have access to numbers related to attendance and can also communicate directly with those who are organizing screenings. All this because, as we said before, we believe in uniting good people. And, for good people to get together, open and transparent information is essential.

*Unesco's Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity

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