Daniela Fernandes Alarcon  presents

Tupinambá - The Return of the Land

2015 · 25 min


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Bringing together testimonies and archival images, this documentary presents the struggle of the Tupinambá people from Serra do Padeiro (southern Bahia, Brazil) to recover their land. They have been waiting for official territorial recognition since 2004. Because of this, they have mobilised to recover their lands in what are known as retomadas de terras. However, this has led to their criminalization and to violent attacks against them. The film shows the history of their dispossession and resistance – which is inextricably linked to the advance of the agricultural frontier at the end of the 19th century, to the rise of the cocoa colonels and to the recognition of indigenous territorial rights by Brazil’s 1988 Constitution. For the Tupinambá, the land belongs to the most important entities of their cosmology, the encantados.

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