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Manifest body

2015 · 28 min
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5 rating
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1.16 K audience
1.16 K total aud.

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"Manifesto Body" is about women, their bodies and their battles. The film explores poetically symbolic dimensions of the body and its representation, stitching images of a performance artist Nina Giovelli with thinkers interviews and feminist activists like Djamila Ribeiro, Margareth Rago, Marcia Tiburi, Laertes, Luiza Coppietters and Jessica ipolito. Parallel to this, the documentary follows feminist public events and shows who they are and what they want women to occupy the streets and wide open, with power, fury, poetry, humor and joy, the mechanisms of domination engendered by the patriarchal power and chauvinism, fighting for a more ethical and egalitarian world.

Age Rating

Contains: Nudity

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