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Roads To Identity

2007 · 52 min
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4.8 rating
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32 audience
11.9 K total aud.

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Education, Culture


11,200miles in two old beetles picking up hitchhikers through South America.

Inside the cars hitchhikers expose their point-of-view about the cultural exchange between countries, prejudice, north-american dominance and their education.

Roads to Identity believes in the importance of the discussion about this themes for the preservation of the latin-american identity.

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General Audience

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“From the study of two contemporary films, undertaken mainly through literature review and film analysis, the aim is to investigate: 1) Latin American identities that are proposed in these two films; 2) what Latin America these movies comprehend; and 3) the extent to which such films are divergent and / or approach the Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano. ”

by Marina Cavalcanti Tedesco