VIDEOCAMP is a free online platform created to connect transformational films to viewers that can do something to change the world.

It is for film lovers who also want to know ‘how to help,’ ‘what can I do,’ ‘where,’ ‘for whom.’

Here we gather an audience that is interested, critical, attentive and willing to act. On the other side, we gather films that are touching, moving, disquieting, and that point the way towards change. This is an alternative form of distribution – distribution that seeks an impact – and it works not just for the film, by growing its audience, but also for the viewer, who can access quality content and broaden their worldview.

All of this looks good and sounds great, but we believe that who has the most to gain from this is the world: we can’t think of too many things we need more than good people united around an urgent cause (and we have lots of them!). Will you come along with us?

How do we work?

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    We gather socially relevant causes

    A team of curators is constantly working to gather the content we need around here and to evaluate those who come to us and ask to join.

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    We engage our community

    2. At the same time, we are connected to an audience through various strategies: we have strong communication channels; we are connected to collectives, movements and civil society organizations; we have access to schools and public channels; we occupy alternative screening spaces; and we are present at debates and premieres. And the best part: we do this in Brazil and in many other countries, through the networks we already built. Yes, it is hard work, but, in our case, we have lots and lots of workers.

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    We share tools and ideas

    If the producer agrees, the film becomes available for public screenings. And this CHANGES EVERYTHING. From this moment on, we encourage the organization of debates, discussions, and lots of mobilization. Every film page on VIDEOCAMP has space for additional content and anything else necessary to engage those who need to be engaged.

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    We show results

    What happens in VIDEOCAMP does NOT stay in VIDEOCAMP. Producers have access to numbers related to attendance and can also communicate directly with those who are organizing screenings. All this because, as we said before, we believe in uniting good people. And, for good people to get together, open and transparent information is essential.

Still have questions? We love a good chat and good questions! ;-) Write to us

VIDEOCAMP | Movies that move

The films generate questions
the discussions generate understanding
and the actions generate change.