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  • HOAX

    2016 · 17 min
    5 Rating


    Three friends living in a suburban neighborhood make a video simulating the murder of one of them to impress their friends. The video end...

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  • The employment

    2008 · 7 min
    4.3 Rating


    An animated short film that portrays a day of work, supposedly common in the life of anyone with a job. This ironic film shows how bizarr...

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  • The Hyperwomen

    2012 · 80 min
    4.8 Rating


    Deep in the jungle of Mato Grosso, in the upper course of the Xingu, this sparkling documentary follows preparations for a Jamurikumalu r...

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  • USP 7%

    2015 · 15 min
    4.5 Rating


    Four accounts about the fight against structural racism, from different generations and points of view. The mobilization in favor of impl...

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